Miss Susan


Miss Susan – Director’s Message
In 2004, Ecole de danse Powell School of Dance Inc., was founded.  More than a decade later we are teaching 7 days a week, operating 3 classrooms consecutively.

We have inaugurated many innovative programs.  Ballerina Dreams was created for children with special needs. Our Demonstrator program is designed to provide an opportunity for our experienced dancers to assist the teacher in the classroom. For the second season, the PSOD Dance Team has competed successfully, this year achieving high standings, scholarships, special judges' awards, and cash prizes!

Once again this summer, the PSOD teaching faculty attended the second year of Teacher Training School for ADAPT (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers) in Toronto, working towards certification in Tap and Jazz. In addition, a certification from Acrobatique in AcroDance, is also in progress.
We have implemented new teaching methods, and will develop many more new ideas. Our vision is to have a teacher training program which could lead to certification as an assistant teacher and eventually a full-time teaching position with the school, for those dancers who aspire to a career in dance.
I am very pleased to announce a milestone in my teaching career.  To mark this turning point I will be returning into the classroom in September. My passion for classical ballet began in early childhood. Today, Ecole de danse Powell School of Dance Inc. is two generations of dance professionals. And to further celebrate this landmark in our history, we will begin next season in a new facility, offering our students a dance home with all the necessary amenities.
The PSOD community is a group of close-knit dancers and families. Many thanks for your continued loyalty and support.
Dancingly yours,
Miss Susan