Competitive Program

Our objective is to promote good health and quality physical activity to our young people, contributing toward strong, healthy adults and productive future citizens of our country.

PSOD Dance Team: General Information


Our Mission Statement at PSOD:

The Ecole de danse Powell School of Dance Inc. mission statement is very simple. It is our long-term plan to continue to bring a level of excellence to our students, in providing an education in the fine art of dance, and in so doing, raise the awareness of arts and culture in the community of Cornwall and Area.

Our philosophy behind having a dance team is in keeping with dance education. Dance competitions encompass the competitive and performance aspect, as well as the educative aspect of dance. A dance team provides an opportunity to those who are passionate about the fine art of dance to train and excel at a higher level.

How will my dancer benefit from joining the PSOD dance team?

Dance training is life training. Therefore, dancers will gain the following life skills:

  • - Self-esteem & confidence
  • - Good health & proper nutrition
  • - Time-management & improved academic performance
  • - Poise & grace
  • - Team work

All of which will lead to acquiring fond childhood memories!

PSOD Dance Team Policies

  • -        Admittance on to the dance team is by invitation only!
  • -        An invitation on to the dance team is earned. The PSOD Faculty follows strict eligibility requirements. Invitations are based on these requirements.
  • -        All class placements are at the discretion of and must be approved by the PSOD Faculty.
  • -        Upon committing to the PSOD Dance Team for the 2015-2016 Season, dancers and parents must respect a 100% level of commitment to weekly classes and other responsibilities.  

For more information on how your dancer can join the PSOD Dance Team, please contact us!