recreational dance classes

A Standardized Curricula, Rooted in Classical Ballet Training

We Are A Syllabus School!
Powell School of Dance is a syllabus school. This means that we follow standardized curriculum in all our programs; curriculums that are highly recognized in the dance industry. We are a certified, accredited dance institution.

What Syllabi Do We Follow?
In our Ballet classes, we follow the RAD syllabus (Royal Academy of Dance). Click here to learn more about the RAD organization.

In our Tap & Jazz classes, we follow the ADAPT syllabus. Click here to learn more about the ADAPT organization.

In our Acrodance classes, we follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. Click here to learn more about the Acrobatic Arts organization.

Class Placement:
For the purpose of student growth and success, dancers are placed in classes according to age and ability level. All class placements are at the full discretion of the PSOD Faculty. The teaching faculty reserves the right to change a student's class placement when they deem it appropriate.

Dancers have a wide variety of classes from which to choose!

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Note: Dancers must be the age listed below by the first class.

Age: Name of Program:
12 months – 30 months Me and My Shadow: Parent-assisted
2.5 - 3 years old Discovery Dance
4 - 5 years old Creative Movement
Tiny Tumblers
6 – 7 years old Kinder Ballet & Tap
Kinder Jazz & Acro
8 – 10 years old Primary Ballet
Primary Jazz
8+ years old Beginner Acro
10+ years old Tap
11+ years old Ballet


Hip Hop
Ballerina Dreams Classes for children with special needs
Adult Program Ballet